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Introducing Reframe Online - Replacement Frames, the perfect solution for broken glasses frames. With prices at just £59.95 for frames and a small lens fitting charge, simply place your order and  post your broken glasses to us, and we'll fit your lenses to a new frame in our laboratory and promptly post them back. This service not only saves you money, but also covers the entire country from Scotland to Cornwall. Don't let a broken frame ruin your day, choose Reframe Online for a seamless replacement experience. The prices for reframes online and our online service is only available online  and you must post your glasses to us as we don't accept them at store with our online price point and service. We'll re-post your lenses back to you reframed within a few days. Our Prices and services vary instore.


Online reframes

For online orders we'll supply the nearest frames possible (that your lenses can be fitted to) at a cost of £59.95 + fitting charge as indicated. You agree to except our choice of frame suitable and understand we are using your own cut lenses which dictate to some extent our choice of replacement frame.


How it works.

Firstly, place an order with us here then post your broken Prescription glasses frames and prescription lenses to us at: 

Ilkeston Factory Specs - 135 Lower Bath Street - Ilkeston - Derbyshire - England - Uk - De7 8as


Note: Pack your frames and lenses in bubble wrap or cardboard for protection and remember to pop a note or a copy of your order in the package so that we know they are your glasses sent for reframe. We don't return hard spectacle cases or old frames but do offer a new hard case in return transit if the option is chosen on your order. Please don't send glasses without first making an order as they can't be returned without an order being placed. We have a set price for frames of our choice when ordering a reframe online of £59.95 (plus additional glazing charge) Terms and conditions are agreed by you during the ordering process.


We can reglaze your own prescription lenses into our new frames saving you the expense of a complete new pair of prescription glasses.

Note : standard  signed for post back (delivery) is available for lenses of little or no real value, or choose Special Delivery insured  (up to £50 value) return post if you think there is to much value in the lenses to loose.


Glazing charges online

Full rim glasses have a complete rim all the way around your lenses and are made of plastic or metal with a glazing charge of £7.50

Half rimmed glasses have a metal or plastic rim only at the top of your lenses, and no rim on the bottom. Your lenses are held in place with a nylon wire set into a groove along the bottom section of your lenses. The glazing charge with this glaze is £15.00



Instore reframes

We also offer our reframe service instore with a while you wait service.

Frame prices may vary instore as we stock 2500 frames including designer glasses and a while you wait service.

Reframe Online - Replacement Frames £59.95 + £7.50-£15.00 Glaze

Declaration 1: I accept nearest PD possible
Declaration 2: I accept I F Specs unbranded frame choice
Declaration 3: I accept lenses have no value if not insured
Declaration 4: My lenses are prescription lenses
  • Note: We don't return your old broken frames or own hard cases with your newly reframed glasses due to excess weight.

    We don't return glasses sent to us without an advance order

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