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This service is available for plastic lenses already fitted to rimless glasses. Please ensure your lenses are already drilled with the fitting holes as we don't offer hole drilling in this service (see additional terms of business)


Rimless Reframe Own Lenses With Existing Holes - £25 Glaze + FrameBroken Rimless Glasses ?

Why not buy a quality but low cost rimless replacement from us  for your lenses with a fitting fee of just £25.00 ?

Buy rimless glasses frames (arms and bridge) saving you the cost of a whole new pair of rimless glasses. It's not an easy task to assemble rimless glasses so we invite you to send your broken rimless glasses to us and we'll dissassemble and reassemble (£25.00 fitting already included), fit the nose pads of your choice, and return them promptly using and saving your expensive rimless lenses.

Please ensure the rimless lenses you want to use are already drilled with the required holes, and be sure to check the arm fittings, they will either be assembled with plastic plugs (pic1/7)  at the back of the lenses (which we will replace) or a bolt fit older type fitting (pic 2/5) (which we still supply)


How it works.

Firstly, place an order with us here then post your broken Prescription glasses frames and prescription lenses to us at: 

Ilkeston Factory Specs - 135 Lower Bath Street - Ilkeston - Derbyshire - England - Uk - De7 8as

Note: Pack your frames and lenses in bubble wrap or cardboard for protection. We don't return hard spectacle cases or old frames. Please don't send glasses without first making an order as they can't be returned without an order being placed. We have a set price for Rimless frames of our choice when ordering a reframe with us online inc glazing charges. Terms and conditions are agreed by you during the ordering process.


Remember to place your order before sending your glasses to us, order the right lens fitting type and then send them off to us in the post. We'll match the new frames as closely as possible to your existing broken frames. We'll return them promptly in accordance with your order.


We don't reframe or accept Polaris or Lindburg rimless glasses frames as the fitting of the lenses is usually more bespoke and only achievable by the manufacturers and specific to brand tooling. Lenses sent for this service must already be drilled with holes for rimless mounting.

Rimless Reframe Own Lenses With Existing Holes - £25 Glaze + Frame

Declaration 1: I accept suppliers choice of frame
Declaration 2: I accept nearest PD
Damage when reframing: I will not hold IFS responsible for lens breakage
Lens condition: My lenses already have holes/not cracked & plastic
  • Unfortunately we are unable to take responsibility if your glasses are damaged in the reglaze process, although this is extremely rare .

    You agree the value of your lenses to be of £0 value and unusable when sending them to us for reframe.

  • We'll match a new rimless frame as closely as possible to your existing broken rimless glasses although not identical. Your lenses should already be fitted to rimless glasses and have the holes already drilled

    Please note, you've agreed to our choice of frame supplied, as there may be limitations which influence our choice of frame.

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