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A few pictures of Ilkeston Factory Specs, showing what we look like, and the biggest range of design

What is Ilkeston Factory Specs now, in 2017 ?

Well, we are the same as ever with bargain priced glasses beating the prices of Asda opticians, Specsavers etc. We are the only surviving optical lab of its type in the area, meaning we don't test eyes, but manufacture glasses to your prescription at a better price than our competitors. This doesn't mean we are unknowledgeable about your needs and how glasses and lenses need to work, to give you the best possible vision. We've been at this for over twenty five years in total, and as we say, we've outlasted all our competition in the area. Why ?, because to be blunt, we are good at what we do. We have had to be that much better at giving the right advice, that much better at spending time with you when you need our help,and taking accurate measurements required to make your glasses properly, that much better in buying in and stocking the right, fashionable, and functional frame styles. That much better in both making our own, and picking the right lenses from the market available today for your needs, hold that much more stock, in many many styles.

But, this is what we have always done, how have we moved forward ?

It's quiet exciting to say, that now we also incorporate DESIGNERS DIRECT within our store. This is a part of our business, that stocks, with the authorisation of the manufacturers, designer glasses that you wont find common elsewhere. We have a massive choice of the latest designer glasses inc, and officially stocking under agreement, Tom Ford glasses and sunglasses, Porsche Design glasses and sunglasses, Swarovski glasses and sunglasses, Ray-Ban glasses and sunglasses, Oakley glasses and sunglasses, Lacoste and Armani glasses and sunglasses, Calvin Klein glasses and sunglasses and many more. These aren't old, or discontinued models as seen online, but the latest designs from 2017, fully guaranteed, because we have the authorisation to be the main supplier of these names and brands in Ilkeston, Nottingham, Derbyshire and surrounding.To sound our own trumpet a little, no one can match us for choice, we are the place to go for designer glasses, if you are doubtful come and take a look. To have a consultation, with regard to your lenses, you will need to bring your prescription that we can work from, and so that we can quote you, and advise suitability as appropriate. We will also run through all the lens types on offer, from our own lower priced lenses to Rodenstock, Zeiss and Varilux market leading lenses, although these will cost more.Take a look at some recent pictures of our store, and if you are serious about wanting the best priced budget glasses, or the most prestigious exclusive designer brands for those with a bigger budget, visit us with your prescription soon.

Ilkeston Factory Specs

Beautiful Affordable Eyewear 

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