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Transition lenses that will react in the car

Did you know, Transition lenses, one of the market leaders in plastic react to light light sensitive lenses, will react inside your car. This makes them extra suited to driving in strong sun light or bright conditions keeping you feeling safe, relaxed and refreshed after driving.

Transition Xtra Active lenses provide reaction inside the car, even behind a tinted windshield, and Transition Drivewear provide polarisation (polarised) lenses, starting off light green, and turning golden brown like sunglasses in very bright sunlight, even behind the windscreen.

Why not give Specsavers Reactions lenses a miss next time and try Transitions lenses for a great experience we are sure you will stick with. Ilkeston Factory Specs supply Transition lenses, so if you live in the Nottingham or Derby Area, call in for a demonstration.

Ilkeston Factory Specs

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