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A customer said "I can't clean my anti glare coating on my lenses", so..........Here i

So how do i clean my anti glare coated lenses

(You'll have to copy and paste the links here to the original site in depth, but here's the basics

Rinse first your frames and lenses in water and then apply a a mild non scented washing up soap liquid in a small quantity to each lens, using fingertips to work into the edges and across the lenses.

Then fully rinse off all the soap suds . Drying with a suitable micro fibre optical cloth. Do not leave any soap on the lenses as they will retain smears, or use tissue or abrasive cloths as they will damage your lens coatings. Try and not us hot water as heat will also damage the coatings as they do no expand and detract at the same rate as the lenses, cracking the finish over time. Read on.‐Glare-Lenses

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