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Just buy a new Glasses frame and we'll fit your own lenses - reframes instore and online

Updated: May 15

At Ilkeston Factory Specs we can save you money on the price of a full new pair of specs.

If you've broken your glasses frames but still have the existing lenses then we can replace just the frame with a new one of ours, and fit or cut your existing lenses into it while you wait. This will save you having to buy a whole new pair of glasses and much more expense. Reframing in-store allows you to choose from a selection of frames and we'll advise and fit your lenses in while you wait. Alternatively you can send us your broken specs through the post and we'll reframe your glasses lenses in-store using our best judgement in finding as similar frame as possible in style and size. We'll send it back to you by return once we have received it, and email you to let you know to expect it back.

Money saving tips for new glasses.

A customers own damaged semi rimless glasses frames had the varifocal lenses carefully removed and refitted into one of our new frames.

A customer sent this broken plastic spectacle frame to us after seeing our reframe service online. We carefully matched up a frame as near as possible and slightly reshaped his own lenses to fit our new glasses frames. The lenses were expensive so we saved him money in not having to buy a whole new pair of glasses.

One of our technicians at work fitting lenses to a new spectacle frame


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