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How Much Does it Cost for New frames for broken glasses Frames? Save money, have your own broken glasses frame replaced. No need to buy a whole new pair of specs

Updated: May 15

Online or instore frame replacements
broken glasses frame replaced

You can now get your own lenses put into new frames with us.

Prescription Lens Reframe Service.

At Ilkeston Factory Specs you can save money by just replacing your broken glasses frames without having to buy a whole new complete pair of specs.

If your prescription lenses are undamaged or in reasonable shape we can use them again and refit them into a new frame from our optical laboratory.

You can call in to store and choose your suitable frame style if you live near enough, we are based in Derbyshire, or if you can't travel to us, you can send us your broken glasses and we'll choose a suitable frame ( as near as possible) and cut and fit your own lenses into it. You'll have to trust us when choosing your frame like this, and agree to our terms, but you can add a footnote from your cart page when ordering online and we'll do our very best for you to keep in mind what you like.

This service is unique and we are often told how much money we have saved our customers because they haven't had to replace their expensive prescription lenses.


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